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3 Ways To Seamlessly Blend Outdoor And Indoor Living Space Using Architecture

3 Ways To Seamlessly Blend Outdoor And Indoor Living Space Using Architecture

If it were up to most homeowners, living outside closer to the clean air, magnificent landscapes and the greenery, would be a much-preferred option. However, you have to consider that this would come with severe consequences among them being rained on and constant sunburns! Which is why most people will try and get as much of the outdoors as they can into their house. You will have live plants in the house try to cut as little trees as possible around you and even have a larger window. But, there is more that you can do especially with the help of architecture.

Have an around-the-corner window

One of the methods that architects are using to get more outdoors into the house is building and designing houses that have a window at the corner. Traditionally, you will have four walls each with a window. You can break the norm by incorporating this corner window. It helps you feel like you’re part of the view and quickly becomes the highlight of your home. It is important to make sure that you capture the best scenery around your home so make sure that your corner window gives you courtside seats to all the outdoor beauty.

Create a seamless flow

Over the years, architecture has always come up with new door designs to fit the different buildings that they come up with. One of the best ways to keep your outdoors in your home is to make the transition seamless. Make it impossible for one to realize when they are going to the house. How you ask? Architecture has the answer. You have to start with a sizeable pivoted door. Then have that door paired with a back wall made of glass. That way you have an interrupted flow from the back to the front of the house. You never have to miss a ray of sunshine or a breeze of wind.

Have a private entry to the garden

Sometimes, the best way to appreciate the outdoors is to make the change so big that you can’t help but feel it. You can have a little garden designed at the back with an entrance from the master bedroom. A sliding glass door would make for a great entry point since it will also allow you to see what the garden has to offer even from the comfort of your bed. If you’re a stickler for privacy, make sure that you have a small shrub or trees fence that helps with that. These are preferable, so you don’t have to interfere with the flow.

There are other more conventional methods that you can use. Sheltering an outdoor space like a patio where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors is one of the ways to go about it. If you have a home office, you can design it in a way that allows you to see what the vast outdoors have to offer. You can also design your family room to have doors. Any of the effects that these architectural ideas has will make your connection with the outdoors much closer.

How to Recreate a Timeless Mid-century Modern Home

How to Recreate a Timeless Mid-century Modern Home

Readers! Greg Fisher here and today I wanted to talk to you about creating a timeless look. Often my clients ask me about getting a specific trendy yet  vintage look. Something that’ll stand the test of time and without fail I almost always suggest mid-century modern. So without further ado, here’s my take on how to recreate the classic mid century modern home.

Home owners always have a desire to stay in touch with the current trends. It is estimated that in average a home gets a make-over every 10 years for the sake of having a relevant theme. It is usually a costly venture that to most is highly unnecessary. However, this is only the case if you do not have any idea on how to come up with a state of the art modern home. The idea here is not what you would get from a magazine or another home design blog. It is something bolder and more unique and one that will have your neighbors drooling with envy.

Mid-century furniture has received a great deal of attention in the recent past. They have clean lines and bold colors that would go well with the interesting range of colors that are being used in interior design today. Mix the two together and you have yourself a modern Mid-century home. Since these are unchartered waters and trial and error could be suicidal, here are some tips that would help you pull out the perfect look just as you had imagined it.

Keep everything simple

Do not make any mistake about it; the Mid-century era was a time that was marred by furniture that had simplicity, minimalism and furniture. It is not easy to work with such furniture so you have to keep everything simple. The best way to get that modern mid-century home is to first get rid of the unnecessary and highlight the clean lined furniture that does not take away the focus from your main pieces. The sexy and smooth enticing curves should be seen and reducing pieces that make the room seem crowded will go a long way in exposing them.

Go with sculptural décor

Stunning is just one of the many names that can be used to descriptive mid century modern additions. One of the ways to get a timeless look and feel to your spaces is by adding some of the best mid century modern pieces to your modern living room, dining space or even bedroom. Being careful of the pieces you pick allows you to merge them in without having to take any significant renovations. The Eames lounge chair which is incredibly popular as well as the Noguchi coffee table are some of the great sculptural pieces that you can consider incorporating in your home.

Patterns and Bold wallpaper

The mid century era was all about geometry and symmetrical furniture. A lot of creativity went into the furniture and you can have the same aspect in you’re the rest of your décor by adding a bold wallpaper to contrast the colors of the furniture and some geometric patterns. One of the pieces that goes well with the modern mid-century look is the classy Moroccan black and white rug. If you please, you can also use drapes but always keep in mind that the bold wallpaper and the geometric design have the sole purpose of adding contrast to the space and complementing the clean look so nothing busy.

Don’t Spend Too Much

As as designer I always advise purchasing from authentic furniture manufacturers, however if budget a concern and you’re flexible on quality, then I’d suggest purchasing  mid century modern inspired furniture reproductions.

There are other ideas that you can pursue. Having a neutral backdrop and a saturated color is just one of them. However, you ought to remain somewhat creative. Remember this is not your usual interior décor and because of this, there are no guidelines. It is completely fine to want to venture outside the box and you really should.


Hey reader! Greg Fisher here and this blog is going to solely focus on architecture and outdoor recreation! Unique combination right? I hope you learn as much as I do. Stay tuned for the first post!